PUBG – Updated UI, BRO CASH and more!

We have some news for you, some related to skins and some general PUBG news. An update to the UI has  already been announced, map selection is confirmed and the long standing bug that resets your perspective to TPP each match will get fixed. But there is more to it!

The “STORE”:

The Store replaces the rewards tab. In it you can open crates and buy crates/keys. It also introduces a new currency called “BRO CASH”, until now it is only used to buy keys.

Other Changes:

  • New Crates show a yellow dot in the top left corner
  • If a crate requires a key you don’t own it has a little icon in the top right corner
  • Purchasing crates shows you ow many are left before they are “sold out”
  • Images and icons of the crates have a much higher quality than before.


To give you a better picture we have recorded a video using the new UI with all it’s changes.


We’re excited to see all this being applied to the actual game. As usual, be sure to follow us on twitter @SkinTrackerCom to get the latest news about skins and more!