PUBG: The Wardrobe finally has female characters!

The PUBG wardrobe has been updated and you can now inspect 85 skins and mix outfits on 4 different female models!


The Wardrobe lets you preview PUBG skins in a 3D environment. Right you can preview 198 different Skins on 3 Male models and 85 Skins on 4 Female models. You can also choose a preferred setting!

Start using the Wardrobe now:

Update notes:

  • All recently added and found skins have been added to the male wardrobe.
  • 4 Female characters have been added, 3 of them in 2 different skin tones.
  • 85 Skins have been added to the female wardrobe. Those are all the skins from the Militia Crate and the Fever Crate, various Promotional Items, Unreleased Items, and more.
  • A new setting has been added, the “Main Menu”, it has a similar ligthing and the Main Menu background from the game.
  • Improved lighting for more detail on models and skins (normal maps are working now for the most part).
  • Fixed an issue that caused items to not show up in the item list when the share link was being used.
  • To test how it performs and to celebrate the launch we changed the base setting (the one you see if you don’t change anything to the “Main Menu” setting. We didn’t move to the female model as not enough skins are available for it yet.

Skin priority list:

  • This list is based on feedback and shows upcoming skins that will be added to the female wardrobe. The list is in chronological order, the items at the top will be added first:
    • All Promotional Items
    • All Skirts
    • All Pre-Order items (PLAYERUNKNOWN SET)
    • All Gamescom Crate items
  • When doing certain skins, we will add other skins that are not in the priority list if they use the same 3D model.

A few notes:

  • Currently the share links only share the main Setting with male characters, we will improve this in a future update.
  • If a male character is selected and is wearing skins that are not available in the female wardrobe, those items will simply not be displayed nor shown in the skin list. With frequently adding more skins to the female wardrobe we are confident that this won’t be an issue.

If you find any bugs or have feedback, please hit us up, we always want to improve.

You can also follow us on twitter @SkinTrackerCom to stay on top of the news and to get in touch with us. And now, have fun using the wardrobe!