PUBG – Parachute skins and more!

What a day for PUBG, we finally got our test update we have been waiting for. But that’s something you probably already know. With this post we want to share new (skin related) infos with you that you probably didn’t know yet.

We found 3 new, differently colored Parachutes and some hints at weapon skins.

Let’s start off with Parachute Skins! Yes they are coming and yes, some already exist in the game files we want to share with you. Remember the twitch parachute back in the days? This is the next step.

Check out this 4k render of the green Parachute:

You can check out and browse every one of the three parachutes in 3D on their respective Skin page:

The Green Parachute

The Blue Parachute

The Red Parachute

Second: The weapons. Sadly there is not much to share other than the info that they are testing them. We don’t have anything visual to show other than an image with game files:

Those are not the files we used to extract the parachute models and we are unable to extract the weapon skins for further usage. But, they have added files that show they are working on them and prove that we will get weapon skins soon…

That’s not all we found! If you haven’t seen them yet, 42 new skins have found their way into the game files aswell! You can browse them here, even in 3D!


This should be everything for today but it sure was a lot. If you want to be on top of the news, be sure to follow us on twitter @SkinTrackerCom and feel free to send us feedback, questions etc.