PUBG – New Skin “Trade Up” System

Not long ago we shared some footage of the updated UI. It’s now on the test servers and can be used. Today however we found a new feature that lets you trade up 10 skins for one skin of a higher rarity. Let’s get into the details:

How Does It Work?

If you select a skin in the wardrobe (not our wardrobe, the one ingame) you can now click on “TRADE UP”. Currently you can choose between 3 rarities, COMMON, CLASSIC and SPECIAL. The system currently also seems to be limited to clothing skins.


Select 10 skins you want to trade, click on “PROCEED” and a new window will open asking you to confirm the trade up. We have noticed that only items of the SPECIAL rarity drop. Trading 10 SPECIAL items for one SPECIAL item would pretty much waste them all.Our guess is that this is the first basic implementation and that PUBG Corp. is still playing around with the values etc.

Edit: It seems to be a visual bug only. The items you get when exchanging SPECIAL items are actually RARE, they only have the wrong background.

Another thing we noticed are the additional BP it costs:

COMMON -> 300BP 




As you can see, this is most likely a very early implementation of the feature. The values seem very off. “1 item of the next highest quality from 10 items of identical quality” is not yet true either as we have recieved only SPECIAL items no matter the quality of our used items.

Nonetheless we want to show you how it works:


Thank you for reading and be sure to hit us up with any questions, we’ll do our best to answer them! Get in contact or simply stay on top of the news by following us on twitter @SkinTrackerCom.