PUBG – New Datamined Skins, the First Helmet Skin and more

As we downloaded the 9.7GB Test Server Patch today we were already excited to take a close look at it. Doing so we found  new clothing cosmetics, the firts helmet skin, a strange parachute skin and an even stranger parachute backpack skin.



We found 13 completely new skins:

3 Glasses

3 Hats

2 Pants

2 Jackets

1 pair of gloves

1 Level 1 Helmet

1 Parachute Backpack

1 Parachute

We also were able to extract the previously found “PUBG 5 Set” meshes so you can take a look at their models aswell.

You can inspect all the items here:


Parachute and Backpack:

Well yes, they are strange but they’re also real. As we discovered the Backpack we double, trible checked if it’s really the right texture as it looked so strange. It’s the right one.

As usual however, datamining doesn’t 100% confirm that a skin is coming exactly as we find it, it is also possible that they are only testing things or simply want to use it for a game mode, temporary etc. So please don’t panic!

This also counts for the Parachute. As it is another mesh we thought it might be a special airdrop of some kind but it is actually called “MI_ParachutePlayer_B” and inspecting the files it has mentions of being a “skinned” parachute. Again, this doesn’t confirm anything but we don’t want to withhold it from you.


The helmet, backpack and the parachute are quite colorful and share some similarities. We do not know however if and how they will be used.


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