PUBG: How to get the T-Shirt Skin

The promotion has endet, buying the game now will NOT grant you the skin code anymore!  


As usual we found a new “mailru” aka “telnyashka” Skin in the test server files a few days ago. This item is now available for a limited time on, a russian internet and gaming platform partly similar to steam:

Note: This is a guide to obtain the skin, we are not related to bluehole or, please keep in mind that they may change the process without further notice. We always try to support you answering questions etc. but we can not guarantee it works and can not take responsibilty for any lost money or similar! To get the lates infos follow @SkinTrackerCom on Twitter.

We are getting mixed reports, this guide seems to work for some and does not for others as their accounts get locked because of “internet security”. We will try to find a fix but please be aware of th risks.

You will have to spend about 15$ on the game to get the skin and have to play it two days in a row, each day a few minutes to receive the code via Email. It is not tradeable nor marketable at this point. A VPN is not required if you are from the US or Germany. If the paypal button does not appear for you use a VPN from the US, you can use the free Hoxx VPN proxy plugin for firefox and chrome.

To begin, visit preferably with Google Chrome to translate the full site into your language by clicking on the little translator icon in your URL bar. Click on the orange “Buy a game” button in the center.


A little box will open asking you to log-in to your account. You probably don’t have an account already, click on that little orange “create” link marked red to proceed creating one.


The next little box will probably not be picked up by the translator. We translated every important detail you have to enter. You will have a new email to use on their site, it’s your login and they will send you the code to this Email. fill in the form and proceed by clicking on the blue button.

On the next little window they request you to enter a phone number, you can skip this step easily by clicking on the blue text at the top which translated says “I don’t have a phone”.

Following up you will have to enter a captcha. That’s it for creating an account, now we have to buy the game, they will either redirect you back to the page logged in or you can simply just revisit it. Clicking on the Orange button again will now open a box where you can select your payment method Select paypal and proceed with clicking on the orange button in the next confirmation box to purchase the game.



After you have bought the game you will be redirected to the main page again and the orange button will now say “download game”. Clicking on it will start downloading a .exe file to install their launcher called something along the lines of “PubgLoader”:

After it has downloaded start the installation by clicking on it. A typical installation window will open where you can select the directory you want to install the launcher and the game in. Uncheck the second option so they don’t send you any useless mails:

After this is finished you will have to login using your new Email and the password. The launcher will open and it looks pretty similar to steam. Hover above the second category from the left and click on PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS.

You are now on the store page of PUBG where you can simply download it clicking on the green button at the top. After it finished downloading a new green button will replace this one to launch the game. Launch it, play a few minutes/matches like you usually would and close the game. It’s possible that you receive the Email with the skin immediately or the day after, if you do not receive it immediately play a few matches a day later.

To access your Emails visit and log-in. This is what the Email will look like:


Your code will be were a red box is covering ours now.


To activate it, open your game (on steam) click on the rewards tab, then on “Add Bonus/Gift Codes” and enter the code in the box that opens.

That’s it, you are now the proud owner of the telnyashka skin!