PUBG: How to get the DMM T-Shirt Skin

NOTE: The promotion has changed, buying the game now will NOT grant you the Steam version of the DMM T-shirt!

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Some days ago a new T-Shirt was found in the PUBG Test Server files, the DMM T-Shirt:

This T-Shirt is only available on DMM gaming, a japanese gaming platform. In order to get it you will need to buy a copy of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS for 3.000 JPY (about 22,63/29,60$), in this tutorial we will be using PayPal as a payment method. After buying the game you will receive an Email with a game code that only works on DMM gaming, it’s not a Steam code and a code for the DMM T-Shirt you can redeem ingame (yes this code works on steam aswell). As of right now, the DMM T-Shirt is neither tradeable nor marketable.

Buying games on DMM only works with a VPN so here is a easy step-by-step tutorial on how to get the Skin:

Use a VPN add-on for your browser:

We will preferably use Google Chrome because it has Google Translator built in, using Firefox will work aswell but you will need to follow the tutorial with the japanese website.

Install the Free plugin Hoxx VPN Proxy for Chrome or for Firefox and create an account for it. Follow the instructions the plugin sends you via Email and log-in. Select a Japanese Server and connect.


Purchase needed Currency:

Before you can buy the game you will need to buy their currency similar to points. In order to buy these points visit

Translate the website by clicking on that little translator icon in the URL bar at the top, then click on the yellow “Add to Basket” button on the right. On the next page, proceed with clicking on the yellow button saying “Free membership registration”.


You will need to create a free account, you can either just use your email or sign in with a Google, Twitter or Facebook account.


After this is done, create your account with a password and click on the yellow button below the password (uncheck the box below to prevent them from spamming you). Next you will see a page where you can just click on the yellow “proceed to purchase button”.


On the “Select payment method” page select the 2nd option and click on “Charge points”.




On the next page simply click on the PayPal logo.


The next image shows you a selection of amount of points you can buy, the game costs 3,000 points so we will select the according option by clicking on it (don’t click on change or the yellow box, click on the white part).

The following page will show you your selected payment method and a yellow button with the paypal logo to click on.

You will be redirected to paypal, if your page looks like this at the top click on the blue button to proceed with a login, otherwise login as usual. The login page could be in japanese aswell, put in your Email first, click on the blue button, then your password and then on the blue button again. The rest of the payment process should be self-explanoratory.


Purchase the game:

Now you have your points, a followup page will tell you that you haven’t bought the game yet and wants you to confrim the purchase again, follow all the instructions until you are on the last page:


Well done, the game is now yours, you can now write a review or proceed activating your code for the skin, you will receive an email with your codes that looks like this:


ATTENTION: Do not translate the email to your language! The translator will change your keys and make them appear invalid. Open the original Email and copy the code from there!

Note: it seems that they send out different Emails so the skin code and the Game Key could be ordered differently, if the first code you entered does not work, try the other one.

The Code for the game is practically useless. The code for the skin however can be used in the game. Once you have received the code, launch the game, switch to the “rewards” tab in the main menu and click on “add bonus/gift codes”. A little box will open where you can enter your code. Congratulations, you now have a DMM gaming exclusive T-Shirt skin!

Did it all work out for you, do you have any questions regarding the process? Send us a Mail with feedback to: or hit us up on Twitter @SkinTrackerCom