Introducing the PUBG Wardrobe!

Yesterday PUBG released into 1.0 and today we are happy to announce that Skin-Tracker is leveling up and introducing it’s all new “Wardrobe” feature!

The Wardrobe:

What is the Wardrobe?

With the Wardrobe you can preview most PUBG skins on character and inspect them in 3D, you can combine all kinds of skins; released, Xbox One exclusive and even unreleased items!

Try it out!


Update Notes for the Wardrobe and the past days:

  • Added the Wardrobe feature:
    • Create, browse, inspect and share your own PUBG outfits
    • Skins that are available in the Wardrobe have a small link at the bottom saying “View in Wardrobe” that directly brings you to the wardrobe with that skin equipped.
    • Sets that contain skin where every skin is available in the Wardrobe also have a direct link to the Wardrobe with all the skins equipped that are part of the Set.
    • You can share your outfit via the shortened share link or with the Social media buttons for Twitter, Facebook and VK.
    • Below the 3D preview of the skins, all equipped skins are listed with direct links to OPSkins and steam.
  • When viewing the content of a crate, there are now more infos at the top about the crate that is currently being viewed.
  • Replaced most datamined item images with the actual ingame icons.
  • Changed the way OPSkins prices are being handled so Items with no price won’t have a $ sign floating around
  • Changes to the visual appearance for devices with a screen width of 798px or less
  • Lists of items will now always fill the whole row instead of skipping to the next row before it was filled.
  • Datamined items will have their real name (if it exists) that will be used once released
  • Changed and added some 3D models


What you can and can’t expect:

  • The Wardrobe does not represent the exact item how it looks ingame, it gets close but making it look exactly the same is almost impossible
  • The wardrobe is still a work in progress and you will see clipping issues especially with jacket and hat combinations. If it’s not neccessary we suggest to unequip a torso item when equipping a Jacket or similar. We are still working on improving the wardrobe overall.
  • Animations are not possible right now and will not be added in the foreseeable future.

The future of the Wardrobe:

No ETAs on any of these changes but they are actively being worked on:

  • Female characters.
  • Various Skin tones.
  • Different Settings/Environments (tunnels, interior, desert…).
  • Less Clipping issues (hoodie automatically going down if a head item is equipped i.e.).
  • Normal maps for better detail.
  • Additional items like helmets and standard skins.


If thats all way to theoretical for you, check out our teaser for the new feature:


We hope you enjoy all the news and get creative sharing your outfits, we are always looking for feedback, please feel free to contact us!

Stay tuned for more and follow us on Twitter @SkinTrackerCom to stay on top of the latest news. See you on the battlegrounds!