H1Z1 KOTK Trickster Crate in Test Server Files!

There was a small patch for the H1Z1: King of the Kill test server on Septermber 22nd.

Official Patch notes can be found here

With this update, an image has been introduced to the test server files, for a new crate called the “Trickster Crate”.

The image can be found here:

Contained Skins speculation:

Unfortunately there are no icons yet to be found so we will need to speculate about some items and their names.

  • Mask of the Jester (somehow different)
  • Parka with bats
  • Orange Graphics Hellfire 4-6
  • Green Bone Full Helmet
  • Green Bone Hoodie
  • Green Bone Baggy Pants
  • Vulcanic AR-15
  • Green and Purple Puffy Jacket
  • Green and Purple Padded Gloves
  • Frostbite Hellfire 4-6 (could be something way different)

Usually, when a new crate finds it’s way into the game files it doesn’t take long for the crate to be released, stay tuned!