2017 Invitational Drop Rates

This post has been created to back up drop chances from http://skin-tracker.com/kotk/crates/2017invitational (WIP)
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To ensure the drop chances are as precise as possible, all drop chances are based on AT LEAST 1000 opened standard crates,
please keep in mind that these numbers are not official and should only be taken as an approach to the real numbers.
All information is supplied without guarantee!

Based on:
1025 Standard crates
24 Bronze Crates
25 Silver crates
16 Gold Crates

Item:Standard crate-Bronze crate-Silver crate-Gold crate

Mask of the Monkey King:3-0-0-3
Radek AR-15:7-0-0-5
Inboxes AR-15:3-0-0-7
Imperial Shotgun:0-0-0-1

Flamehopper Makeshift Armor:8-1-5-0
p90princess Makeshift Armor:11-0-7-0
Pineaqples Jacket:11-0-3-0
YT2Tap Jersey:11-0-7-0
illuos1ion Jersey:7-0-3-0

DrasseL Ski Mask:40-4-0-0
Stormen Face Bandana:41-5-0-0
NoahJ456 Tactical Helmet:43-7-0-0
Gotaga Tanktop:48-4-0-0
ISCO Military Backpack:42-2-0-0
Aydren Body Armor:62-1-0-0

Cizzorz Face Bandana:86-0-0-0
MiniLadd Jersey:89-0-0-0
KYRSP33DY Jersey:82-0-0-0
Crispy Concords Tactical Jacket:83-0-0-0
I AM WILDCAT Military Backpack:89-0-0-0
MoMaN Warmup Pants:86-0-0-0
NMP Body Armor:83-0-0-0
FemSteph Motorcycle Helmet:90-0-0-0


https://youtu.be/lL0DmwX919M 47-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/ek05kNxmsXM 47-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/OLcjWsCZLlQ 47-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/-hqo2U2ggjc 20-1-1-0
https://youtu.be/5F1hYrOiEF8 47-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/Qg_1AYKf7gc 23-2-1-0
https://youtu.be/avisGmn4rfQ 20-1-1-0
https://youtu.be/XCIfh97DViw 04-1-0-0
https://youtu.be/stasfcSvy9I 94-2-2-2
https://youtu.be/T–d7eOFZgQ 02-0-0-0
https://youtu.be/Xd9t0-hB0vw 43-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/BzU9hoIyNKU 282-6-6-6
https://youtu.be/2Wx6_Pqv9Ck 47-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/rjWbqi3zBIM 19-1-1-0
https://youtu.be/wBQqI2Pp9WA 18-1-1-0
https://youtu.be/qWDwTn6ca-Y 32-0-0-0
https://youtu.be/dY_cCxZgopA 04-1-0-0
https://youtu.be/1z14MJIdDG0 40-2-2-0
https://youtu.be/Uoh-hONvmhc 47-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/cvw_zQMbdlk 47-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/zGtg7CdtjaM 48-1-1-1
https://youtu.be/vuE5-AxQZzA 47-0-1-0 (until 1hr)